What Makes a Job Good?

2. Six_AspectsWhen talking about creating jobs, how do we measure job quality from a worker’s perspective beyond just pay? FIELD at the Aspen Institute set out not only to illuminate how microenterprises contribute to not only job creation and economic opportunity, but to find the traits that constitute a good job. The qualitative study was designed and implemented by FIELD, with over 100 interviews conducted by researchers across five cities. Those chosen for the study were part of a diverse pool representing the 25.5 million microbusinesses in the United States, which employ 31 million people collectively.

So, if payment does not automatically create a good job, what does? FIELD uses three concepts to establish and evaluate the idea of a good job. The job elements consist of raising the floor, building a ladder, and gainful employment. Jobs that raise the floor enable workers to achieve some basic level of stability, whether it be wage or schedule, and provide a supportive work environment valued by employees.

Good jobs build a ladder for workers, allowing them to propel toward career advancement, with their jobs at the microbusiness serving as a launching pad in their professional development. Microbusiness jobs are considered gainful employment by contributing to the overall quality of life of the workers by providing purpose and positive engagement and involvement.

Join us in delving deeper into the meaning of what makes a good job and the role of microbusiness in the development of happy team members. Stay tuned throughout the following weeks as we discuss the 6 key elements of good jobs. Read the full report at www.gainfuljobs.org and join the conversation with #GainfulJobs

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