Michael Hormozi

Michael Hormozi, owner of MAK Cleaners in San Diego

Michael Hormozi began working in the dry cleaning industry by paying his way through college working at a local dry cleaning company. Throughout those years, he learned about the industry while helping with the accounting and deliveries for the company. In 2006, Michael joined MAK Cleaners, a local San Diego dry cleaning company located in the East Village, a downtown urban neighborhood that is in the process of being redeveloped. During this time, Michael managed the finances and maintained and improved the day-to-day operations of the company. In 2008, when the economy crashed, the local dry cleaning company struggled to stay afloat. While sales dropped by more than half, Michael was able to keep the locations open and running. Michael’s ultimate goal, however, was to save money to start his own dry cleaning company and to learn as much as he could about the industry.

After nearly 10 years of saving money and working for MAK Cleaners, Michael achieved his dream of owning a business. Michael acquired MAK Cleaners’ commercial dry cleaning plant and all of the equipment. This plant services all of their drop-off agencies located in the East Village. He also acquired existing contracts with several large corporations in San Diego.

In 2015, Michael received a loan from Accion to purchase the equipment needed to open his own drop-off agency. He is also using the loan funds to pay the remaining payroll costs for the independent contractors to complete construction of the new agency and to get the building up to code. After establishing his own drop-off agency, Michael’s ultimate goal is to acquire all of the existing MAK Cleaners drop-off agency locations.

As Michael continues to expand his business in the East Village, he realizes the impact that his business is making in the local community. For the last two years, Michael has served as a board member of the East Village Association, a nonprofit organization that supports and promotes businesses in the East Village to help establish the community as San Diego’s livable, urban village. Michael joined the board to not only provide an additional opportunity for business exposure, but also because he is passionate about investing in the local community. In addition, as a member of the Board, Michael participates as a guest speaker in an annual small business conference to teach local entrepreneurs how to start their own businesses.

As a small business owner, Michael is passionate about supporting the local economy. He hires employees who live in the community and is committed to maintaining a good relationship with his employees. He has also worked with San Diego’s unemployment department and has employed one person through a job placement program.

Thanks to the partnership between Accion and The Hartford through its Communities with HART program, Michael has become an important stakeholder in his community. Michael believes that if his business is going to be a part of the East Village community, he has the responsibility of investing in and influencing its redevelopment.

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