The Accion Difference

Bertha Cerda, owner of Beta Crafts
Bertha Cerda, owner of Beta Crafts

It’s not just a loan. It’s a support system to ensure you and your business reach full potential.

This is why we choose to measure our success not by the number of loans we provide, but instead by the growth and success of the businesses we support and the community impact of those jobs created.

Accion provides business owners with personalized education and support to enable borrowers to wisely invest capital for the future of a family and a business. Making smarter investments, strengthening operations, and managing people effectively have a direct impact on our communities not only by creating but also by sustaining jobs.

These education programs are made possible by our partners who invest in the growth of businesses and borrowers we support.

Accion knows access to capital is not the only barrier for success, rather one of many. In today’s job market, the skill gap is preventing unemployed Americans from finding meaningful work.

Our partners at the Walmart Foundation recognize this barrier and are taking action by donating $16 million to seven non-profit groups focused on U.S. workers in retail and related industries. They’re not stopping there. Over 5 years, the commitment will extend $100 million dollars to help close the skill gap that exists in America, spread across various non-profits and independent initiatives.

We are proud to work with an organization such as this one, helping individuals achieve dreams through entrepreneurship and honest work.

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