The Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream program in partnership with Accion provides food and beverage entrepreneurs with expert business coaching, mentoring, advising and access to capital. The Brewing the American Dream program also supports business owners with events across the country like Speed Coaching, the Pitch Room Competition and a quarterly webinar series.

November 6
Sam Adams–This beer not only tastes good, it does good premium

untitled1Here at Accion we understand the complications associated with starting a small business; they’re endless, daunting, and (usually) reoccurring. Samuel Adams founder, Jim Koch, also understands those complications well. Twenty-eight years ago, in his kitchen in Boston, he created one of America’s most beloved beers. Without a doubt, he clearly knows how to make a good beer—anyone who’s had a Sam Adams knows that—but what about packaging? Or labeling? Or advertising? With these issues in mind Jim started the Brewing the American Dream program, partnering with Accion to help lend to and advise small business owners. In a series of recent media interviews, Jim, along with program participants, explains BTAD and the positive impact the program is having on food and beverage businesses from coast-to-coast.

  • In an interview with Southern California Public Radio, 89.3 KPCC, Jim explained, “When I started out, there was a lot of stuff I
August 3
Accion To Host Two Workshops in Boston in August premium

big-startup-site-3-21-12-slide-280On August 14 and 22, Accion will host two separate and unique programs in Boston. In conjunction with the Boston Beer Company, we will host our Brewing the American Dream Speed Coaching event. Held at the Sam Adams Brewery, experts in the food and beverage community will meet with local entrepreneurs to offer advice on how to overcome challenges specific to their industry.

sam-adams1The following week, Accion, Yelp, and the NYSE will host their Small Business Connections: Marketing Meets Microfinancing Workshop. The August 22 workshop, part of the Big StartUp initiative, will provide marketing advice to help entrepreneurs develop and manage a web presence and utilize Yelp to draw in customers.

Registration is open for both events! Don’t miss out on these great opportunities!…

June 19
Samuel Adams Brewing The American Dream Speed Coaching premium


Our Brewing the American Dream Speed Coaching events are making appearances in cities all over the United States! Are you a food, beverage or hospitality small business owner? Are you looking for marketing, packaging, legal, financial or sales and distribution advice? We can help!

Come and receive personalized 1-on-1 coaching from local professionals and Sam Adams experts on subjects like the following:

  • Packaging
  • Sales and Distribution
  • Business Financing
  • Legal Advice for Your Business

Make sure to bring your questions and anything you want feedback on, such as packaging, materials, and ideas, and be ready to network with local business owners involved in the food and beverage industry!

2012 Upcoming Events

  • Los Angeles, CA: July 16
  • San Diego, CA: July 17 Register
  • New Hampshire: August 14
  • Austin, TX: October 22
  • Washington, DC: November 12
  • Lehigh Valley, PA: November 14
  • New York, NY: December
April 26
Business Loans and Hand-Holding, Beer Optional – Businessweek premium

Business Loans and Hand-Holding, Beer Optional – Businessweek.

Accion and Samuel Adams announce national expansion of the Brewing the American Dream program, where small business owners who work in the food, beverage and hospitality industry can apply for loans and access an ever-increasing network of online resources. Speed Coaching events will be launching around the country, allowing business owners to gain valuable advice with experienced industry veterans.…