XXX Coffee is a mobile coffee retailer and service provider based in New York with proprietary blends of espresso and coffee. It is owned and overseen by William, a man who knows both how to create wonderful coffee blends and how to serve them. He has over 20 years of experience in the coffee industry, and has served as a judge for both the World Barista Championship and the Specialty Coffee Association of America.

Almost as soon as he moved to the United States five years ago, he started this small business. William’s coffee company serves coffee and sells retail products online and via a bicycle cart at Socrates Sculpture Park. He also sells to retail locations throughout New York. William is planning to expand the services of his company.

Thanks to an Accion loan, he plans to produce a new coffee roast for resale. He will use the money to purchase green beans and other coffee production consumables, and to pay a roaster to roast the blend.

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