Sam’s Club Giving Program announced it’s multi-million dollar initiative to help provide capital and education to small business owners across the country. Eight non-profit organizations, including Accion will receive grants ranging from $450K to $2.5M.

Accion’s grant will help support the “continued development and improvement of an online lending and financial education platform that will reach new groups of business owners seeking capital online.”

In addition to the non-profit grants, Sam’s Club Giving Program’s Small Business Economic Mobility initiative will also give the Opportunity Finance Network (OFN) a $3.6 million grant to educate borrowers and increase awareness about predatory lenders.

Accion and Sam’s Club share the belief that business owners who search for capital online should have options that are appropriately and transparently priced to help them achieve business health and growth. To support this belief, Accion provides business owners with personalized education and support that many need to wisely invest capital and plan for the future. Many business owners benefit from educational resources and training on how to effectively run a business, strengthen their operations, and make smart investments. Our partnership with Sam’s Club allows supports this effort to reach more small business owners.

Accion is proud to be part of the Sam’s Club Giving Program, a program committed to providing access to economic opportunities for all individuals.   “Small business owners have always played an essential role in our economy,” says Gina Harman, CEO of the Accion US Network. “…However, many small business owners often struggle to create upward economic mobility for themselves and their families. That’s why it’s critical for organizations like Accion to support them with the loans and financial and business know-how needed to create businesses that thrive. The support of Sam’s Club has been integral in allowing us to deepen our reach into the small business community through innovative outreach and technology.”

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