Robert Knauf, Rowlberto Productions

Robert Knauf

Video production company telling powerful stories in San Diego 

Tell people you’re shooting videos in California, and chances are, most will think you’re probably trying to make it big in L.A. For Robert Knauf, co-owner of Rowlberto Productions, there are plenty of great stories to tell right by the ocean in San Diego.

“It’s cool being thrown into the inner workings of how different companies do their business,” Robert says, sharing his work with clients including radio stations, real estate firms, and the San Diego Symphony. “Being able to tell their story is a big aspect of what I love.”

Since moving to San Diego, Robert and his business partner Andrew Rowley have worked hard to master a craft they love. A communications graduate of Cal State San Marcos, Robert got his start working at Media Arts Center San Diego. Andrew completed his theater arts degree at San Diego State University and drew much of his inspiration from the world of radio. In 2012, they started Rowlberto Productions.

Having learned the ropes on smaller projects, both have their sights on landing bigger clients to build their brand. Thanks to a partnership between Accion and The Hartford through its Communities with HART program, Robert is using a business loan to hire a new sales coordinator to scope out new opportunities and buy new computer and storage equipment to develop a business infrastructure that positions them well to compete for their dream clients.

To complete their projects, Robert and Andrew hire anywhere from 5-15 people from a trusted network of local videographers, editors, and production assistants depending on the size and requirements for each particular job. “It’s great being able to formulate a crew and make more professional looking videos,” Robert says. “It’s hard to wear multiple hats, so it’s great to delegate to people you trust where you don’t have to look over their shoulder.”

As far as his ambitions may reach, Robert strives to stay grounded in a city he’s not leaving anytime soon. Rowlberto Productions has partnered for three years with the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System on “A Trolley Show,” which promotes the use of local public transportation and highlights the best of what San Diego has to offer, including its local musicians. Robert locally sources smaller pieces of equipment at Video Gear, one of the few video equipment rental houses in the city. He also makes time to volunteer and teach editing and basics in video production classes for kids at Media Arts Center San Diego.

“Helping out the community is at the core of our company,” Robert says. “It’s important to give back to the community that made us who we are.”

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