Music is in Ricky Reyes’ blood. Having grown up watching his father, Rick Reyes, make a living as a Grammy-award winning musician, Ricky knew he wanted to be in the business. So he combined a love for music and his business acumen to create Roxtar Music, a website designed to efficiently connect musicians and bands. Thanks to Accion’s partnership with The Hartford through its Communities with HART program, Ricky launched theroxtarmusic.com website to great fanfare.

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After studying music marketing at the University of Texas at San Antonio, Ricky initially turned away from the world he knew and loved. Advancing up the corporate ladder, he spent more time traveling and less time with his family. On his way home one day, Ricky realized he wanted to be more present in the lives of his two young kids. The next day, he quit his job and found his way back. Aware of how hard it was for local musicians to easily find other musicians with specific talents to form the perfect band, Ricky created an online platform to “do the heavy lifting, so musicians can worry about what they do best: make music.” “It’s LinkedIn meets Match.com,” Ricky says. “We wanted to make sure we have a resource for musicians that could really help streamline the whole process.” Local musicians in San Antonio now make up 45 percent of his business, and the website has been so successful that it has also connected musicians in 20 states and even abroad. While his clientele has expanded beyond the San Antonio community, his employees are locals with diverse backgrounds and expertise. By fostering a flexible and motivating workplace, Ricky’s energetic team has developed and sustained an exciting new project that helps foster a musical community in San Antonio and beyond.

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