PRO Neighborhoods: The Power of Collaboration

“Accion and Opportunity Fund’s work on the Borrowers’ Bill of Rights is an example of lifting learning and collaboration to influence policy” explained Janis Bowdler, Head of Community Development Initiatives at JPMorgan Chase, today at the JPMC CDFI Collaborative Convening, where Accion U.S. Network CEO Gina Harman was in attendance.

In order to support small businesses, JPMorgan Chase has announced a program called Partnerships for Raising Opportunity in Neighborhoods (PRO Neighborhoods). In an effort to continue creating inclusive economic growth, PRO Neighborhoods uses a grant process in order to support innovative Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI) collaborations. At the JPMC-CDFI Collaborative Convening event today, JPMorgan Chase recognized the importance of Accion’s work on the Borrowers’ Bill of Rights as an important initiative in support of small business owners.
Furthermore, after a successful year with the original seven collaborators, JPMorgan Chase announced their five newest grantees today, which will continue efforts in creating impact, innovation and scale. Accion congratulates the newest PRO Neighborhood members and we look forward to seeing the positive impact being created in our communities nationwide.

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