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Announced yesterday, Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dreamcommitted to supporting Accion in lending an estimated $2.5M in microloans to food and beverage entrepreneurs.

In addition, Industry experts and Sam Adams executives including Jim Koch will coach and provide support to over 800 business owners, including craft brewers.

Sam Adams has been supporting Accion borrowers since 2008, but this year’s program aims to provide more support to those in the food and beverage industry, aligning with the expertise of the company.

“These entrepreneurs make it possible for us to enjoy the food and drink we share daily with our friends and families, yet they often have the hardest time finding financing and support to do what they love,” said Accion U.S. Network CEO Gina Harman. “When these business owners search for a partner they can trust, our 20-year track record of success, along with the Brewing the American Dream experience, provides an unbeatable combination. We help them access capital and develop the personal relationships and expertise needed to succeed now and grow in the future.”

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