JPMC Accion East ATM South FL Promotion Dec 2015(1)

Turning a passion for fashion into a business requires a clear concept, unique designs and a strong brand. Growing up, Debra delighted in reading Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar magazines. While attending college in New York City, she began developing a vision for the kind of clothing she wanted to produce. Her brand identity was unique as it was closely tied to her Cuban roots.
After returning to her hometown of Miami, Debra made the decision to start her business.  Yet she needed capital to kickstart her business. She had come across convenient and quick borrowing options that are commonly found online:

“Sure, the loans were quick and easy to get, but at a large cost. With Accion, the process was clear, fair and simple. I also felt safe,” explains Debra.

Debra received her first loan through Accion, and participated in Accion’s financial literacy courses which helped her transition from designer to business owner.

Thanks to our partnership with Chase Bank, we’ve been able to support entrepreneurs in launching creative concepts like Debra’s. In December, you can see Debra on Chase ATM screens throughout Miami and other areas of South Florida.

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