“Day 1 was an eye opener. There was no judgement here, we’re all entrepreneurs and Accion gave us the opportunity to bring 28 of the best entrepreneurs together here… I learned the why factor.  My why factor is, I want to be somebody for somebody. And I want to be somebody for Accion, you guys have changed my life. We need to look out for each other and you just started a movement that is going to be huge.” – Kristopher J Schoenberger, BBQ’d Productions Grill
“We are the nucleus of all these companies. We make them run.”- Maurice King III, Swift Mobile Wash

“My biggest takeaway from the program is we all share the same struggles in entrepreneurship and here are tools that can help us. Now I can focus on the tools and make sure to make time for myself.” – Monica Abernathy, A Polished Work

“ I have a vision now for my business and that is going to expand our business.” – Vernita Johnson, DLV Printing

“My goal is to achieve a better work life balance. I am looking forward to profitability and doubling my revenue.” – Grant Fraley, ChuckAlek Independent Brewers

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