“I believe in what I do because I’ve seen it change peoples’ lives.”- Stacy Watnick

Stacy Watnick started her career as a psychologist at The Center, the nation’s second oldest and one of the largest LGBTQ community centers. In 2003, Stacy started her own practice in order to have a more flexible schedule as a working mother of two small children. Since then, she has been successful and has developed a niche in providing services to the LGBTQ community in San Diego. She has promoted her business through the local community, and remains dedicated to providing an essential service to improve the overall health of the LGBTQ community.


Now that Stacy’s children are older, she is ready to bring her business to a new level. While Stacy was looking for capital to support her business expansion, she was also looking to receive technical assistance and business training.

Thanks to the partnership between Accion and The Hartford through its Communities with HART program, Stacy is expanding her psychology practice to include workshops and consulting services is developing new marketing strategies to reach a wider audience.

Though many therapists and psychologists are available to help the LGBTQ community, some still do not receive adequate mental health care because of a lack of knowledge or training. Stacy is committed to always remain current on the unique needs of this community.

Over the years, Stacy has become an expert in issues related to sexuality, gender identity and trauma. She is also a Probation Certified Domestic Violence Facilitator and Supervisor and has worked with many patients with substance abuse issues. Recently, Stacy presented at Christy’s Place, a nonprofit organization in San Diego that provides HIV/AIDS education, support and advocacy to women, children and families impacted by HIV/AIDS. She is also still involved with The Center and offers pro bono presentations and helps train interns who are working towards becoming therapists.

Stacy’s goal is to increase her business’ visibility by networking, investing in more signage for her office location and growing her consulting services. She has also been working with the Greater San Diego Business Association, California’s largest LGBT business organization, to be listed on their business directory.

Stacy is most inspired when she sees her patients able to accomplish what they set out to do, in her office or in their lives in general. “I believe in what I do because I’ve seen it change peoples’ lives.”

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