February 19
Accion Fast Track Program graduates share in successes and learning premium

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Seventeen business owners from across the country convened in New York City on Thursday to graduate from this year’s Fast Track program. Fast Track is made possible by Accion’s partnership with Capital One and the Blackstone Charitable Foundation and provides a select group of 26 Accion clients with intensive business training, coaching and mentoring to accelerate their business growth. The curriculum included a two-day in-person intensive training session at the beginning of the program, 20 virtual coaching sessions provided by People Biz, Inc. and mentorship pairing through BusinessAdvising.org. The culminating event of the Fast Track program brought participants together with the broader Accion community to share learnings and hear from experts such as the event’s keynote speaker, urban revitalization strategy consultant Majora Carter.

Fast Track participants represent a range of industries and include a female owned and operated Denver construction company, a New York gin distilling company, …

December 18

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Turning a passion for fashion into a business requires a clear concept, unique designs and a strong brand. Growing up, Debra delighted in reading Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar magazines. While attending college in New York City, she began developing a vision for the kind of clothing she wanted to produce. Her brand identity was unique as it was closely tied to her Cuban roots.
After returning to her hometown of Miami, Debra made the decision to start her business.  Yet she needed capital to kickstart her business. She had come across convenient and quick borrowing options that are commonly found online:

“Sure, the loans were quick and easy to get, but at a large cost. With Accion, the process was clear, fair and simple. I also felt safe,” explains Debra.

Debra received her first loan through Accion, and participated in Accion’s financial literacy courses which helped her transition from designer

December 7


On any given morning, Suzanna Cameron of Stems finds herself at a local flower market by 6 a.m. selecting the brightest, most unique flowers for the day ahead. Stems, a flower shop located within a bar in Brooklyn, New York has seen sales double in the last year, hired three full time employees and is looking to expand to an additional two locations. Suzanna is an Accion client who was selected to be part of our new leadership and business accelerator program, Fast Track, which is supported by Capital One and the Blackstone Charitable Foundation. Fast Track is providing 27 outstanding loan clients from around the country with coaching and mentoring over several months to help set their businesses on a path to growth. See a video about the program here.…

July 15

Twenty years after Accion first brought the promise of economic opportunity to five cities nationwide, the Accion U.S. Network is poised to deliver value to entrepreneurs like never before. With great delight, today we share our 2014 Annual Report.

Beyond a summary of our achievements, the report shares how we intend to reshape the promise of micro-lending in the United States.

By connecting entrepreneurs in new ways with the tools they need to succeed, we are applying two decades of learning to an exciting vision forward that puts technology and personal relationships at the center of our growth strategy. We thank our donors and partners who are making this adventure possible.

For the next four days, we will post digital exclusives on this site to bring to life the stories of the entrepreneurs and our staff and Board that make this important work possible. Check back tomorrow and enjoy …

July 15

Your business pitch will inform everything about your business, from your logo to your store design, to the way you handle customer service. Whether you’re selling a product, service, or your own expertise, or you’re meeting with a potential investor, you need to have a clear, concise, consistent message…

When you have the chance to express that message face-to-face, it’s known as a pitch: who are you, what do you do, and why would I want to give you my business?

Generally, you’ll only have two or three minutes for this opportunity before you lose someone’s attention, so here are some good guidelines to stick to when trying to create the “perfect pitch.” Some of the following pitch points were suggested by Jennifer Glanville, a Pitch Room Competition judge and Brewery Manager at Sam Adams.


Hearing about why you started your company and what keeps …