EcostaticNelson Pizarro founded EcoStatic, Inc in 2012 with his children to create an eco-friendly alternative to sticky notes. They invented “slickynotes,” described as double-sided writing surfaces that come in a variety of sizes. EcoStatic developed a unique technology that gives their slickynotes an electrostatic charge that allows them to stick on surfaces instead of glue. Slickynotes are made of 100% recyclable materials and writing on them with dry erase markers makes them reusable. The notes attach to any flat surface and can be moved easily without losing their ability to stick. EcoStatic also produces a product called “slickyboard.” This larger white board made from the same materials as slickynotes adheres to any smooth service. Companies frequently use the product as a project management tool.

“Even if we haven’t made it yet,
we believe strongly in giving back as a company.”
~ Nelson Pizarro

As a relatively new business with limited revenue, EcoStatic was not eligible for traditional forms of bank financing. Nelson found that Accion was the best option to aid in the company’s growth and he preferred the flexible terms offered through the micro-lending program. Thanks in part to a partnership between Accion and The Hartford through The Hartford’s Communities with HART program, which supports entrepreneurs who are making a positive impact in their community, EcoStatic received a loan in September 2015.


EcoStatic will use the loan for general working capital including increasing marketing efforts and maintaining contracts with distributors. The loan has helped Nelson support four employees and allowed him to hire another to assist with production. The funds also help EcoStatic maintain their commitment to paying employees fair, living wages and providing above-standard benefits.


EcoStatic is a family owned company committed to social, environmental and economically stable business practices. In addition to taking care of their employees, they source products from environmentally responsible manufacturers, foster recycling of their products and promote sustainable business practices.


In addition to his commitment to reducing the company’s carbon footprint through their products, Nelson also believes that giving back is an important part of every successful business owner. He shares that, “even if we haven’t made it yet, we believe strongly in giving back as a company.” EcoStatic donates extra supplies of slickynotes to local schools and supports educational events with in-kind donations. The company also donates to a nonprofit organization providing health services in Haiti. Many EcoStatic employees volunteer in the local community on a regular basis, including Nelson’s son, Nelson Jr. who helps build housing developments.


EcoStatic currently has a patent pending for its product. Their vision for the future includes entering the mainstream U.S. retail market and becoming a recognized name in offices and schools. They currently sell to one large international vendor and seek to sign contracts with office supply companies in the U.S. So far, they have approximately $400,000 in annual business revenue, projected to increase to $1 million in 2016.


Learn more about Ecostatic and the Communities with HART program in partnership with The Hartford

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