ScandiegoFor people who own boxes of old photos, home movies, and slides that became inaccessible in the digital age, Brett Weiss can help. Weiss, owner of ScanDiego in San Diego, provides digitalization services for a variety of print media so people can revive their old memories in a new format to enjoy for years to come. Brett’s vision for his company is to embrace the future while honoring the past.

After more than 20 years as an entrepreneur in diverse industries including dry cleaning and importing, Brett worked at a scanning company when he was inspired to start his own business, which became ScanDiego. As his business grew and he needed to rent a bigger space, a local bank introduced Brett to Accion and he received a $50,000 loan.

The loan was made possible with support from The Hartford through its Communities with HART program, which supports entrepreneurs like Brett who are having a positive impact in their community. Brett used the financing to expand his business and conduct marketing for his new location.

Not only is Brett devoted to growing his business, he is also a dedicated volunteer and philanthropist. He makes it his personal mission to give back, especially to veterans. Brett sponsors a nonprofit called Honor Flight San Diego, which honors World War II veterans with an all-expenses paid trip to Washington, DC to visit the monuments and be publicly honored. In addition to sponsoring these trips, ScanDiego provides services at low or no cost to veterans and nonprofits.

Personally, Brett donates to museums, art festivals, churches, youth groups, schools and nonprofits such as KPBS, the Alpine Historical Society, San Luis Rey

Mission, and the San Diego Repertoire. In 2014, he also offered free photo scanning to people who lost their homes in San Diego’s wildfires.

Brett also supports members of his community with gainful employment. Since receiving his loan, Brett has hired three full-time local employees to help manage the increase in demand after moving to a larger location. As a small business owner, he believes in the importance of providing generous and fair compensation. He provides above average living wages so his employees can live comfortably in San Diego, a region notorious for high living costs.

Thanks to Accion’s partnership with The Hartford, Brett now has the capacity to increase his revenue to more than $1 million in the next year. And in the midst of the growth of his company, Brett will remain dedicated to preserving family memories and to touching lives in a meaningful way.

Learn more about ScanDiego and the Communities with HART program in partnership with The Hartford

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