Tia of Tia’s Cakes and Pastries

Every morning Tia spends an hour planning. She writes down grocery items like birthday candles and decorative crystals that ensure that her cakes are unforgettable. As a one-person business, Tia’s Cakes and Pastries demands a lot of work and Tia handles every aspect.

For the first few years, Tia ran the pastry business out of her kitchen but it was a liability. “In Boston, you’re not supposed to cook from home. I had learned of incubator spaces like Crop Circle before, but couldn’t afford rent and insurance. That was my goal”

That was Accion’s goal for Tia too: to help her formalize, stabilize and grow her business. With grant support from the Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation, we did just that. Generous grant support allowed us to spend over 825 hours working with Tia and another 165 small business.


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