Borrowers’ Bill of Rights Media Round Up

Yesterday, August 6th, Accion along with the other members of the Responsible Business Lending Coalition launched the Small Business Borrowers’ Bill of Rights (BBoR), a landmark effort that marks the first step towards ensuring full inclusivity, fairness, and transparency in the online lending marketplace.

We’re thrilled that the announcement and issue caught the attention of the press–here’s a round-up of BBoR coverage to date:

Funding Circle Wants To Start A Revolution In Small Business Lending

Marketplace Lending: A Need for Some Definition, Data & More Discourse. A Response to the US Treasury RFI
Crowdfund Insider

Talking Alternative Finance With MultiFunding’s Ami Kassar: ‘It’s The Wild, Wild West Out There’

SMB’s To Get Lending ‘Bill Of Rights’

Lenders Unveil ‘Bill of Rights’ for Small Business Borrowers
American Banker

Small Business Advocates, Lenders & Online Credit Marketplaces Unveil Small Business Borrowers’ Bill of Rights
PR Newswire

Marketplace Lenders Band Together on Small Business Borrowers Bill of Rights
Crowdfunding Insider 

Lenders Voluntarily Create A Bill Of Rights To Protect Small Businesses From Lending Abuses

Fundera, Funding Circle And Others Introduce The Small Business Borrowers’ Bill Of Rights

Peer-to-peer lenders get ahead of regulation with voluntary code
Yahoo Finance

Marketplace Lending Leaders Create Small Business Borrowers’ Bill of Rights
Lend Academy

A Bill Of Rights For Online Borrowers

Can a Borrowers’ Bill of Rights Tame The Wild West of Online Lending?


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