Accion Featured on PBS NewHour Website

With small businesses lending on the rise, PBS NewsHour took a look at the current alternative financing options available to today’s entrepreneurs.

As a leader in the microfinance industry, PBS sat down with Accion U.S. Network CEO Gina Harman to find out more about microlending in the U.S. and how Accion is helping small business owners.

In the news clip, PBS reporter, Stacey Tisdale also spoke with loan recipients Cheryl Smith and Izzy Green in New York to learn how they used Accion loans to grow their businesses, build their credit, and eventually enter the traditional financing market.

Izzy Green, owner of Evergreen Insurance, explained to Tisdale “Since [the loan with Accion] our business has grown from just [my partner and I] to being able to hire two more people with the money of Accion, and growing to today being a company with 10 people. Accion got us to the level where we have access to the traditional banks who want to give us money.”

To watch the entire video visit the PBS NewsHour website.

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