A Good Job… Provides a Ladder Up

8. Ladder_Up

A good job does not begin and end during work hours. These jobs allow the worker to learn new skills, and workers noted they were able to sharpen the skills they already had while being provided with real opportunities daily to put them to use. These newly acquired skills and experience allow a worker to continue to move forward in their personal development, and career. Of those interviewed, 65% thought there were growth opportunities in the microbusiness, and 67% indicated they see opportunities to get a raise, received a promotion, or grow their experience and skills.

“There isn’t such a clear path to move up the ladder, but in a small business everyone plays so many different roles. There is more variation and it’s less static… Things come along and if you keep your eyes open, you can create yourself a new job.” – Aaron

Join us in delving deeper into the meaning of what makes a good job and the role of microbusiness in the development of happy team members. Stay tuned throughout the following weeks as we discuss the 6 key elements of good jobs. Read the full report at www.gainfuljobs.org and join the conversation with #GainfulJobs

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