A Good Job… Is A Launching Pad

9. Launching_Pad

A good job allows its workers to feel they are advancing personally and financially. Interviewees were happy at their jobs due to having the opportunity to prepare themselves for the next stage of their careers through developing a network of contacts and having the opportunity to learn the ropes from small business owners. Looking to the future, these workers reported their jobs provided them with the skills and support needed for the next stage of their careers, and 67% of workers 18-45 cited interest in starting their own business.
Join us in delving deeper into the meaning of what makes a good job and the role of microbusiness in the development of happy team members. Stay tuned throughout the following weeks as we discuss the 6 key elements of good jobs. Read the full report at www.gainfuljobs.org and join the conversation with #GainfulJobs

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