A Good Job… Creates Opportunity:

7. Creating_Opportunity

A good job creates opportunity. The workers who struggle most to find opportunities include seniors, immigrants, workers without college degrees, and people with disabilities. Small firms are able to fill niches in the labor market, where opportunity is difficult for a diverse group of individuals who may otherwise face difficulties accessing good jobs. Workers interviewed spoke of the distinct value created by the microenterprise by facilitating a variety of opportunities for growth and advancement.

“Yes, it’s a small business, but it’s not small minded” –Falade

Join us in delving deeper into the meaning of what makes a good job and the role of microbusiness in the development of happy team members. Stay tuned throughout the following weeks as we discuss the 6 key elements of good jobs. Read the full report at www.gainfuljobs.org and join the conversation with #GainfulJobs

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